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A startup for enterprises


Edico that. Just like that.™

At Edico, we believe that the adoption of Artificial Intelligence along with a Knowledge-centric culture is essential to stay ahead.  We seek to bring our passion for Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, and Data Strategy to the forefront of companies.  Our founder has championed emerging technologies at large corporations for decades.  Built from years of experience working for large enterprises, we know that “seeing is everything” matters for successful adoption.  As a result, we use multiple big data platforms and proprietary implementations to help businesses see the value of these emerging technologies.  Our platforms enable businesses to adopt Artificial Intelligence and drive their operations with a Knowledge-centric culture.  Contact us today to set up a meeting with one of our leaders.


Focused. Visionary. Agile. Dedicated.

Here, we are focused on minimizing the impedance mismatch between innovation and implementation.  To do this, we integrate innovative technologies into our own ecosystem prior to advocating for their use.  The breadth of our ecosystem lends itself to increased agility.  With robust adoption, we can unpack complex problems that many businesses face.


State the obvious.  Be bold and authentic.

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